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Cultural Foods and Shaming with Maya Feller

Maya Feller discusses the importance of introducing children to cultural foods and the harms of food shaming and bias in promoting a neutral approach to nutrition.

Maya Feller, the founder and lead dietitian at Maya Feller Nutrition, discusses the importance of introducing cultural foods to children and the dangers of food shaming.

As a nutrition educator, Maya takes a patient-centered and culturally sensitive approach to promote informed food choices that foster health and longevity. She recognizes that cultural foods vary significantly within different groups and regions and emphasizes encouraging children to embrace diverse cultures’ rich flavors and traditions.

Moving on to food shaming, Maya provides examples of how this harmful behavior can affect individuals of all body types and discusses how bias plays a role in perpetuating this issue. Maya urges everyone to be mindful of their language and open to trying new foods. She also underscores the significance of diversity, equity, and belonging in ensuring an unbiased approach to discussing food, free from shame or judgment.

What You’ll Learn About Cultural Foods and Shaming with Maya Feller

  • From experimental theater to nutrition: How running led to a career in dietetics
  • Approaching food and nutrition discussions from a neutral perspective
  • The adverse effects of food shaming on individuals and ways to address and prevent it
  • Examining how various factors shape the cultural significance of diverse foods
  • Analyzing the connection between US dietary guidelines, food shaming, and the lack of cultural food representation
  • The importance of introducing culturally relevant foods at home and modeling healthy eating habits
  • Tips for parents on how to introduce children to different cultural foods and expand their palate beyond typical American cuisine
  • Writing a cookbook inspired by cultural heritages and working with chefs to create delicious and accessible recipes for home cooks
  • The importance of being mindful and intentional in using additives to enhance flavor and nutrition, especially for children
  • Maya’s favorite recipes, including a challenging but delicious fried chicken recipe

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Cultural Foods and Shaming with Maya Feller

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