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Cooking with Preschoolers with Dr. Yum

Dr. Nimali Fernando, also known as “Dr. Yum,” talks about why cooking with preschoolers can be a fun and educational experience and how parents can involve their children in the kitchen to create healthy, delicious meals.

Dr. Nimali Fernando is a pediatrician, founder of and The Dr. Yum Project, and co-author of Raising a Healthy, Happy Eater. She focuses on wellness and nutrition at her Yum Pediatrics practice and developed research-backed nutrition curricula for preschoolers and parents.

The preschool years are a great time to introduce your child to new foods and involve them in the kitchen. Dr. Yum shares her expertise on getting kids to eat their vegetables and how even limited cooking experiences with preschoolers can make a significant difference in food fussiness and enjoyment.

Dr. Yum’s interactive, multi-sensory, two-year nutrition curriculum has a strong family involvement and research-backed methods to help kids enjoy more fruits and vegetables. By creating a fun and interactive learning environment for children to explore food with their senses, Dr. Yum has seen positive results in children becoming food explorers and building healthy eating habits that will benefit them for life.

Dr. Nimali Fernando

What You’ll Learn About Cooking with Preschoolers with Dr. Yum

  • Dr. Yum’s journey to promoting healthy eating habits in children
  • Raising toddlers to become healthy and adventurous eaters as they transition into preschoolers
  • Developing teaching materials and a preschool nutrition curriculum to promote proactive nutrition education
  • Identifying and overcoming barriers to good nutrition in today’s world
  • How getting your children involved in cooking early on can save time
  • The importance of addressing emotional well-being in children’s health
  • Why it’s crucial to focus on prevention and changing the environment from a young age 
  • How Dr. Yum’s preschool nutrition curriculum improved food enjoyment and reduced food fussiness in children
  • The potential benefits of more frequent mental health check-ins for children during pediatric visits

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Cooking with Preschoolers with Dr. Yum

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