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Children’s Growth 101

childrenā€™s growth

As parents, our childrenā€™s growth is something that we want to assist as much as we possibly can, but there are so many factors that contribute to a childā€™s growth that it can be tricky to know whatā€™s normal, whatā€™s not, whether youā€™re focusing on the right areas, and if your efforts are actually helping or not.

When I did a deep dive into the latest research on growth in kids, I was surprised, and yet not surprised, to find out there were over 23,000 articles to try and absorb. Thereā€™s so much information out there, a lot of it focusing on very specific aspects of nutrition or environment, so I want to bring you the common threads that run through all of the research.

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My goal for this episode is to make you as savvy as possible when it comes to your childā€™s growth. Weā€™re going to look at what is going on physically when growth spurts happen in kids, early and late bloomers, the role of growth hormone and sleep, and the background on growth charts. 

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What Youā€™ll Learn about Children’s Growth:

  • Why good nutrition is key for good growth and development.
  • How poor nutrition will contribute to a lack of growth in children.
  • When growth spurts occur in children, compared to growing at a steady rate.
  • What is happening in our kidsā€™ bodies as they grow.
  • The role of genetics in our childrenā€™s growth.
  • Why we donā€™t want to get caught up on promoting one specific nutrient, and instead focus on a well-rounded approach to childhood nutrition.
  • How to use growth charts correctly and when to rely on them for information.

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