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Children’s Books About Nutrition

Build your home library with entertaining books on nutrition for kids. Get the best books on nutrition for kids and teach your child about food and healthy eating.

Children’s books about nutrition can teach kids important lessons about healthy eating, where food comes from, how to prepare it, and more.

As a pediatric nutritionist, I know that nutrition education is best learned over time, when a child shows interest, and in a pressure-free, non-lecture kind of way.

In this article, you’ll learn what kids can learn from nutrition books for kids and what parents should look for in a children’s book.

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What Healthy Eating Books for Kids Can Teach Them

Books are an empowering and useful resource for children.

Kids learn when they’re engaged rather than being told to do or not do something without being told why. Stories are a fun way to teach your child about nutrition without overwhelming them with a lot of the complicated and conflicting nutrition information that’s out there.

Children’s books about healthy eating are resources to help the whole family really get involved with making conscious decisions about food.

Here are some benefits for children:

Teach Kids About Nutrition

Children’s books about food teach kids that healthy eating can be fun.

Information about healthy eating sounds like a lot of rules about foods that are “good” or “bad.” Kids may have negative thoughts about food and eating. Engaging characters and stories about healthy foods teach kids age-appropriate nutrition in a way that’s positive.

Books are a non-threatening way to learn, especially for picky eaters. Characters interact with fruits and vegetables and introduce kids to new foods without putting pressure on them. Children can segue into learning about fruits and vegetables without having to interact with the foods physically. 

Empower Kids

Kids’ nutrition books empower them by making kids a part of the learning process.

These stories introduce your child to fruits and vegetables they may not have tried before. Now they will recognize them at the store and on their plate. Knowledge of a variety of foods takes away the mystery and anxiety. It gives your child more autonomy when he faces a new food on his plate.

Let your child choose a new fruit or vegetable when you go food shopping.

We want our children to try many foods so they expand their taste preferences as they get older. Learning about food through children’s stories with a message about nutrition gives kids the idea they have a role in learning about nutrition, and in selecting and preparing healthy foods.

Kids Learn Coping Skills

A good children’s book usually has a takeaway for your child at the end.

Some books take on common food issues such as fear of new foods, picky eating or even allergies so your child can identify with the character. Seeing the character resolve a conflict or cope with these issues can equip a child with the tools he needs to cope with stress around health and nutrition.

Let your child be part of the learning process. It will make the kitchen a less daunting place for younger kids and get them in the mood to try new foods.

50 children's books about nutrition

What Parents Should Look For in Healthy Eating Story Books

Kids love to listen to stories and learn.

They love good characters and fun adventures. And engaging stories makes nutrition information relatable. As you, Mom and Dad, are the readers, books need to be tolerable for you, too.

After all, you’ll likely be reading these books over and over!

With all the books out there, how do you know where to start?

Here are few things to look for when selecting books on nutrition for kids:

  • A compelling main character
  • An interesting plot
  • Humor
  • Conflict resolution (For example, How does the character overcome a challenging situation like picky eating?)
  • The opportunity for ongoing conversation with your child (What would you do if candy was all around you?)
  • Interesting illustrations
  • A message about nutrition

Parents ask me all the time for book recommendations, not only for themselves, but for their kids, too.

While I have an extensive reading list for parents, I decided it was time to create a list for kids.

If you’d like to see MY favorite nutrition books for kids, enter your details below to download 50 Entertaining Reads about Nutrition for Children.

    You’ll find a variety of nutrition topics, from learning where food comes from to adventurous tales of characters overcoming picky eating.

    You’ll find books for teaching nutrition, including board books for babies, preschool books about healthy eating, and healthy food books for kids.

    There are even early readers for the elementary child. And a middle school book or two in there.

    [For additional books and my review of them, listen to my podcast episode: TNC #96 Nutrition Books for Kids]

    Let me know what you think!

    Is there a book you love that’s not on this list?

    Why Children's Books About Nutrition are Key to Learning about Food
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