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Child Food Insecurity with Alexis Glick

Child food insecurity is on many people’s minds right now. With the current pandemic, many children and their parents are going through a rough time.

For some, the coronavirus and recent natural disasters have really put pressure on an already stretched household, with lots of children struggling to know where their next meal will come from.

There are so many hands that go into easing the burden on struggling families at times like this, and my guest this week has a unique insight into how we can ease hunger in our nation’s kids.

Child Food Insecurity: Challenges & Solutions

My guest this week is Alexis Glick, the CEO of the organization GENYOUth, she’s a CNN contributor, and a former Wall Street executive.

Alexis has dedicated her work lately to helping school communities become healthy and high-achieving through programs, empowering youth as change agents in their local communities, and engaging a network of private and public partners in a shared goal to create a healthy successful future for students, schools, and communities.

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Listen in as Alexis and I chat about the challenges of child food insecurity and how we can help children achieve their full potential.

With the rapidly changing situation in our country right now, hopefully, there’s something in here for you that can either help you, or help you to help your community.

"For many kids, the school lunches account for 50% of their average daily calorie intake. So, when a school building shuts down, what does that kid do?" – @GENYOUthNow Click To Tweet

What You’ll Learn about Child Food Insecurity:

  • What child food insecurity is.
  • How food insecurity combined with physical inactivity combined is setting kids up for failure.
  • Why Alexis became motivated towards her work on the health of our nation’s youth.
  • How hunger and child food insecurity has contributed to the youth obesity epidemic.
  • Why just educating children about what they should be eating isn’t enough.
  • What Alexis believes the role of GENYOUth is in helping the nation’s youth fulfill their potential.
  • The huge difference that proper nutrition and physical activity makes to a child’s future.
  • How GENYOUth is engaging Corporate America in helping food insecure kids and what Alexis sees as the private sector’s responsibility in the future.

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