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Why is Sleep Important for Kids? with Cara Palmer

Dr. Cara Palmer sheds light on the physical and emotional benefits of sleep for kids.

Dr. Cara Palmer, an assistant professor at Montana State University and the director of the Sleep and Development Lab, discusses the importance of sleep for kids’ overall health and well-being.

Her research focuses on understanding why so many children struggle to get adequate sleep and the consequences of poor sleep. She talks about some common sleep disorders that children experience and the symptoms of disturbed sleep in toddlers, preschoolers, school-age children, and adolescents.

Drawing on her expertise in developmental psychology, clinical child psychology, and behavioral sleep medicine, Dr. Palmer advises parents and pediatric professionals to encourage healthy sleep habits and create a supportive sleeping environment.

What You’ll Learn About from Why is Sleep Important for Kids?

  • Importance of sleep for the mental health and daily functioning of children and teenagers 
  • Unpacking the connection and implications of the link between sleep and emotional well-being in kids and teens
  • The high prevalence of sleep problems among children and the need for targeted interventions to prevent long-term psychological issues
  • Why monitoring children’s sleep patterns is crucial for identifying potential sleep problems
  • The link between poor sleep and ADHD-like symptoms in children
  • How obstructive sleep apnea affects children’s sleep, behavior, and overall health
  • Overcoming common obstacles to quality sleep in children: Practical solutions for parents and caregivers
  • The impact of poor sleep on emotional regulation and mental health in children and teenagers
  • Why making sleep a priority in families matters and how to achieve it
  • Tips for parents to ensure children get enough sleep and seek help for sleep issues when needed

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Why is Sleep Important for Kids?

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