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My Baby Won’t Spoon Feed

My baby won’t spoon feed! Jill Castle offers tips and advice for parents when their baby is refusing spoon feeding.

In this episode, I address a listener’s concern about spoon feeding their 14-month-old baby who prefers finger foods. The listener’s baby was born prematurely, and weight gain has been a struggle despite offering various foods. 

I explore two key aspects: developmental readiness and growth. Developmentally, we consider the baby’s corrected age and milestones, emphasizing that every child progresses uniquely. Regarding spoon feeding, I provide tips such as offering the spoon without pressure, modeling using a spoon, and preloading the spoon.

I also discuss the importance of discussing growth concerns with a pediatrician, ensuring a high-fat diet for proper development, and the value of bringing the baby to the family table. Lastly, I recommend additional resources on our website for self-feeding tips, developmental milestones, mistakes to avoid, and responsive feeding.

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What You’ll Learn About My Baby Won’t Spoon Feed

  • The importance of developmental readiness and growth in spoon feeding babies
  • Tips for encouraging independent eating and addressing concerns about weight gain in young babies
  • Understanding the developmental milestones of premature babies and their impact on feeding
  • Strategies for introducing spoon feeding to a self-feeding baby
  • The role of fat-rich foods in the diet of a young baby and promoting healthy growth
  • The benefits of including babies at family meals and establishing a positive feeding environment
  • Recommendations for offering solids before liquids to encourage appetite in young children
  • Additional resources and articles on self-feeding tips, feeding milestones, responsive feeding, and starting solids

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My Baby Won’t Spoon Feed

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