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Training for the Olympics and for Life with Gevvie Stone

Training for the Olympics and for Life with Gevvie Stone

This episode was created in partnership with the dairy families of New England.

A big part of having a child who competes in high-level athletics is helping them balance all the different parts of their lives––their sport, their health, their school, their family––and it can be overwhelming. Setting goals and staying motivated and healthy in the pursuit of success (perhaps even an Olympic dream) are also important components of that balance.

On today’s show, I’m talking with Olympic silver-medalist Gevvie Stone about her own journey as both a rower and as a medical doctor. As an elite athlete and dedicated professional, she has to balance a lot to be the best rower and doctor possible including eating well and working out consistently.

Join in on our conversation about goal setting and finding ways to balance the chaos of training for the Olympics and life. Gevvie has wonderful insights into the world of competitive sport and has some great advice for young athletes.

"There are really small goals and there are really big goals and a variety in between. You can't have the big ones without the small ones." -Gevvie Stone Click To Tweet

What You’ll Learn about Training for the Olympics:

  • How to help your children establish goals in athletics and academics.
  • Finding ways to balance elite athletics with high-level education and work.
  • How dietary changes can impact performance and confidence.
  • Why it is important to have role models in school and sport.
  • Tools for confronting challenges and failures in life.
  • Advice for young athletes to further their success.

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