NEW Training!  

3 Little-Known Secrets to Raising Healthy Eaters in 2020 (& Beyond)  

How to Nourish & Nurture Healthy Eating Habits without Food Fights, Lectures, or Sacrificing Your Health Goals


In this training, you’ll learn: 

The Major Mindset Shift  

all successful parents will need to adopt in 2020 and beyond  


3 Areas of Parenting  

to master and how they make feeding your child WAY easier  


The Ideal Feeding Approach  

all modern parents must develop to mold a healthy relationship with food  

The Game Changing Information  

That single-handedly supports your child’s independence with eating  


Nourishing and Feeding Your Child is About to Change in a BIG Way. 

Whether you’ve been searching books, blogs, articles and every corner of the internet for answers, or struggling to ease the daily grind of feeding your child – now is the time to get a handle – a FULL handle – on a new, modern way to feed kids. So much has changed, and there’s nothing but room for improvement for parents who are willing to modernize their day-to-day nutrition and feeding routines. Because raising a healthy eater is much more involved than you’ve been told (ahem…were you ever taught anything about nutrition for your child?!). But, with the right information and know-how, nourishing your child can be easier, fulfilling and fruitful. Join me to get fully updated on what it takes to raise a healthy eater in 2020 and beyond.  

This Training is a Must Attend if…

  • You’ve been trying to get your child to eat better but things aren’t really improving  
  • You’ve had some success, but you want more and aren’t sure what to do  
  • You want the up-to-date philosophy and strategy for feeding kids that is sustainable and guarantees you raise a happy, healthy eater  

A Personal Invitation From Jill…

I’ve been helping parents like you since the day I became a pediatric dietitian.  

Thousands of patients, four of my own kids, and years of experience with a variety of “unique” nutrition and feeding situations. I’ve discovered the recipe that differentiates parents trying to get their kids to eat well from kids who choose to eat well for themselves.  

This brand new training is an introduction to everything I’ve learned about nourishing the whole child in my career, and as a mom.  

If you’re committed to raising a healthy eater and child, I can’t wait to help you climb the learning curve and get started with a new mindset and some new strategies that work like magic.  

Try New Food author Jill Castle, pediatric nutritionist