Nourishing Your Child Just Got Easier…

Parent and child cooking together

You’re just seconds away from having an all access pass to everything on this platform.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Your baby needs to start solids, but you don’t know what to feed her, or how to progress through the stages. But you know how important it is to start off right.
  • You’re stressed about your child not eating well enough to support his changing, growing body.
  • The struggle to feed your picky eater is real. Try new foods? Yeah, right. You’re lucky to get him to sit at the table.
  • Your child doesn’t eat enough, or the right foods…and it shows. You know she needs more, but you’re not sure how to make the needed improvements to her diet.
  • Your sporty kid eats too much candy, crackers and chips. And he’s hungry. All. The. Time.
  • Every day of feeding and eating is different. It’s all so chaotic and unpredictable. And figuring it out on the fly is NOT working. You need a better plan.

If it does, then you already know that feeding kids is a tough job.

One that can be full of worry, self-doubt, and frustration.

That’s What Inspired The Nourished Child® Membership

I was tired of waiting for someone else to create a one-stop nutrition resource where parents could get the nutrition education they needed.

So… I did it myself.

Over 23 years ago, after completing birthing classes in preparation for my first baby, I realized that the practical, methodical training I received was a model for teaching parents how to nourish their kids.

I thought…

If parents had nutrition classes focused on nourishing and feeding kids, they’d feel informed, empowered, and on a clear path to raising good eaters and healthy kids.

So, whether you need a Nutrition 101 class like The Nourished Child Blueprint, or a specialized topic, like ADHD Nutrition, we’ve got you covered!

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Introducing the One-Stop Nutrition Education Resource for Parents

The Nourished Child® All-Access Pass is about giving parents the nutrition knowledge they need to be successful at feeding and growing healthy kids.

Whether you have a baby or teen, or anything in between, an all-access pass to The Nourished Child® means that you get all our programs and guidebooks.

That’s right. Pay an annual fee to join and you get access to everything here, including all our in-depth trainings and resources on childhood nutrition:

From sound, evidence-based practices for nourishing kids of all ages to detailed programs designed to help you manage challenging situations like ADHD or dinnertime drama, the annual, all-access membership to The Nourished Child® lets you in on the best practices and current evidence around parenting and feeding kids.

Who is a Membership For?

An annual membership is a great option for parents who have multiple children, or a variety of challenges.

For example, The Nourished Child Blueprint® is our core Child Nutrition 101 class, covering the basics of nourishing growing children. However, if you have a sporty kid, a child with ADHD, or lots of drama at the dinner table, you’d benefit from our deeper dive classes such as Eat Like a Champion, or The ADHD Diet for Kids.

You could purchase those individually, or get a membership to The Nourished Child® at a fraction of the cost.

How Much Does an All Access Pass Cost?

An annual membership to The Nourished Child® is $497. It’s less than the cost of two classes. Plus, you can pay in full or in two installments.

What You Get When You’re a Member

  • One year of full access to our library of classes and guidebooks from The Nourished Child Blueprint® to deep education on nutrients or ADHD.
  • All new programs, guidebooks, workshops and other content. We are constantly building more classes and guidebooks to make raising good eaters easier. That’s right. When we add a new program or guidebook, you get access…at no extra cost to you.
  • Printable checklists, cheat sheets and thorough guides for every program here.
  • Video lessons and audio files to make learning on the go a part of your everyday routine.
  • And much more!

Upgrade your nutrition knowledge, feeding skills and raise a healthy child, inside and out.

Join The Nourished Child Membership Today!