Helping Families with Bigger Kids

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Helping Families with Bigger Kids

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Live 2-hour workshop for professionals with Jill Castle MS, RDN

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In this 2-hour workshop, we’ll explore how to help families with bigger kids, including:

  • Whether weight/growth is really a concern and how to know
  • How to support a frustrated and concerned parent
  • When weight is a health concern, how to pinpoint and navigate the contributing factors
  • How to improve the factors that contribute to excess weight and emphasize lifestyle habits that sustain health
  • Understanding your scope, including what to do if you can’t improve health or lifestyle habits
  • How to focus on the family, facilitate realistic and helpful goals, while avoiding harm

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Everything you need to triage, navigate and think through to help families with a larger child help without harming.

Yes, even if you struggle with questions about what is helpful and what is harmful.

Yes, even if you agree with a non-diet approach but aren’t sure that will improve health outcomes.

And, especially if you’re looking to sort out your own approach and want to make a difference.

Because families who have bigger kids are wanting support, answers and resources whether health concerns are present or not.

And knowing how to help them nourish and nurture their bigger child can be so helpful to them and your pediatric nutrition work.

You’ll walk away from this workshop having a better sense of…

1. How to evaluate whether a child’s weight is a concern

2. How to alleviate parent frustrations and concerns over body size

3. How to recognize and assess the contributors to excess body fat in children, including eating patterns, diet quality, physical activity, sleep, screen time, food parenting and more

4. Setting goals, routines and patterns to improve lifestyle habits

5. How to recognize when a child/family needs more help (and where to turn)

Jill Castle pediatric dietitian and founder of The Nourished Child®

When families are seeking your help, I want you to feel confident that you have the tools to support them.

After running a pediatric nutrition private practice in which over 50% of my clientele were families with larger children (with and without health concerns), I know that how you detect their unique challenges and areas of improvement, meet families where they are, and help them improve their lifestyle will differentiate you from the “lose weight” model while truly helping parents take a holistic and helpful “pro-lifestyle” approach for their whole family. 

I’ve prepared this special workshop to help you find your footing with families of bigger kids so you can feel confident and good about helping them.

I can’t wait to see you there

~ Jill

Yes! I Want In!

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